Hearty and Warming Bone Broth Beef Stew

There are two steps to this delicious and hearty dish! First is to make the bone broth (takes about 12 hours to let simmer), and second is to create the stew.

We'll start with step one - the BONE BROTH:

Did you know...? Bone broth is one of the most mineral rich source of nourishment for humankind throughout the ages! It is a traditional remedy across cultures for the sick and weak. A classic folk treatment for colds and flu, it has also been used historically for ailments that affect connective tissues such as the GI tract, joints, skin, lungs, muscle, bones and blood. Bone broth is a valuable food and valuable medicine!

It contains nutrients from both the bone and cartilage of the animal, including:

·       Protein

·       Minerals: magnesium, sodium, calcium, sulfur, potassium, phosphorus, fluoride

·       Amino acids: proline, lysine, glycine

·       And several other nutrients great for joints and connective tissue (including intestines): keratin sulfate, hyaluronic acid, hydroxyproline, hydroxylysine and chondroitin sulfate


Bones - from poultry, fish, beef or lamb (can be cooked bones, raw bones, a whole carcass, or just parts)
Water - cold water, enough to just cover the bones OR 2 cups water per 1 lb bones
Vinegar (apple cider, red or white wine, rice or balsamic vinegar) - a splash, or 2 tbsp per quart water


Combine bones, water and vinegar in a pot or crockpot. Bring to a simmer, remove any scum that has risen to the top, reduce heat and simmer (anywhere from 6-48 hours for chicken, 12-72 hours for beef).

If using a crockpot, you can put it on a "low" setting and just walk away for 12-24 hours.

Strain broth through a colander or sieve, lined with cheesecloth for a clearer broth. Discard the bones.

If you wish to remove the fat for use in gravy, use a gravy separator while broth is warm, or skim the fat off the top once refrigerated. Broth may be frozen for months or kept in the refrigerator for about 5 days.

Bone broth can also be used for: cooking liquid (instead of water, add to rice, beans or other grains), gravy, or tea.

Reference for bone broth: Soaring Crane Natural Health.

Part 2: Stew Making!

Start with 4 cups of pre-made bone broth and add the following either into a large pot or crockpot: 

·       3 carrots

·       1 onion

·       3 celery stalks

·       1 red pepper

·       3 cups kale

·       1 lb boneless beef in 1" cubes (I found some pre-chopped at Trader Joes)

·       1 can, 14 oz stewed tomatoes

·       2 cups mushrooms

·       4 cloves, minced

If making in crock pot, add in all ingredients and cover.  Cook on Low setting for 10 to 12 hours, or on High setting for 4 to 6 hours.

If short on time and cooking in regular pot, first add 2 tbsp olive oil and simmer beef, onions and garlic on medium heat and cook until beef is browned. Then add bone broth and veggies and allow to simmer until carrots are soft (about 30 min).

Enjoy by eating slowly and letting the stew warm your bones!

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