Nutrition counseling and 1:1 health coaching (available in person or via video calls) can:

  • Transform your relationship with your body and food

  • Put you in touch with the intuitive wisdom of your body (hunger/fullness cues and other needs)

  • Provide an experience to learn how the food choices you make directly affect how you feel

  • Give you the tools necessary to help you lose weight, improve gut health and gain energy

Coaching programs are available for one (intensive!), three, six and twelve month options. These programs are right for you if you are committed to cultivating your own well being: physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.

After six short months and six sessions with Meghan I’m not only amazed with the results, but amazed at the understanding I now have between food, nutrition and my body. I was never hungry during this program and have lost 49lbs (and still losing weight) with ease. It has truly changed my life as well as my family members. This new path and journey I have begun is the real lifestyle change I was always looking for.”
— Tom P., 2019

A typical health coaching session may include:

  • Nutrition education – a thorough nutrition assessment and recommendations for how to best support your body with specific foods (or occasional supplement recommendations, when needed). Specialties include weight loss, gut health/recovery, gluten intolerance/celiac disease and food allergies.

  • Health coaching – goal setting, motivational interviewing, pointed questions and accountability check-in for goals set from previous session.

  • Reiki – this hands-on healing technique is used to activate the natural healing processes of the body and restore physical, mental and emotional well-being. Clients get the opportunity to lie down on a massage table (fully dressed), and relax into a space of safety and comfort.

  • Embodiment practices – such as guided meditations and breathing practices.

  • Body Impedance Analysis (BIA) report – this helpful tool provides an analysis of body composition including fat mass, fat free mass (lean body mass), total body water and intracellular water. This is a great tool to measure changes in the body over time.

Meghan educated me in so many different ways. Three months later, 35lbs less, I could not be more thankful for this program. The most obvious is the weight loss, however, the true benefits are how I feel, what I have learned, and how to eat healthy. These benefits have not only brought physical and emotional growth, but the overall energy I have gained as been amazing.
— Martina J, 2018

 Schedule a complementary “health health breakthrough” call below to see if we’d be a good fit. Coaching is an intimate relationship and before making the commitment to work together, we need to determine what you need and how we might be able to meet your needs.

 *No insurance is accepted at this time, but Health Savings Accounts (HSA) payments can be taken.

I talked with Meghan about 7 times, once per month. I lost 30 pounds in that 7 month period. It was amazing, and I feel stronger and healthier than I have in years. Not only did I gain more energy and feel stronger, but I was able to almost rid myself of acid reflux entirely that I had been suffering with for about 10 years before I met Meghan. In as little as 7 months, I had almost reversed it and gotten back to where I was when I was younger. It has been an amazing transformation physically and mentally
— Adam L., 2018

Other opportunities to work together include:

  • Media & Speaking Engagements

  • Corporate Wellness Consultations

  • Seminars & Workshops

Past topics have included: Diet Free Weight Loss, Eating as a Stress Reduction Practice, Celiac Disease Recovery, Gluten Intolerance and Food Allergies, How to Heal the Gut, Sugar Stats, Healthy Eating around the Holidays, and Nutrition for Optimum Health & Wellness.