MJ, 2018

"Before I met Meghan, I had no purpose in what I ate.  I have had a weight problem for a significant time and was tired of the way I felt.  I inquired with my primary care after seeing a poster that said “look what healthy portions look like.”  I was told part of the program would be to work with a “nutritionist.”  I was not thrilled with this as all I could think of was how much was this going to cost.  Wow, was I wrong.

 Meghan educated me in so many different ways.  Three months later and 35 lbs less, I could not be more thankful for this program.  The most obvious is the weight loss, however, the true benefits are how I feel, what I have learned, and how to eat healthy.  Additionally, my blood work (blood glucose, cholesterol and inflammation markers) has showed significant changes to the good.  These benefits have not only brought physical and emotional growth, but the overall energy I have gained as been amazing.  Without Meghan and her support, I would not have been as successful. 

Meghan was committed to helping me; she answered my questions, gave me the tools needed to continue to eat healthy and is a wealth of information.   I have seen Meghan about 4 times since starting the program.  Meghan is a great listener, had suggestions if I got stuck and overall is one of the best healthcare professionals I have worked with.  Meghan is not only highly qualified, she welcomes you with such kindness and I would highly recommend Meghan to anyone, whether you have a weight issue or you need direction for healthy eating/nourishment."

“I was one of those people who was completely caught up in the fast pace life that so many of my peers get caught up in while trying to make it in their 20's and 30's.  My focus: taking care of my job, being there for my family and then enjoying my free time by hanging with friends and family. As I got older and my body started to feel the ramifications of such a crazy pace and poor diet, I started to feel terrible all of the time.  At first, I was just tired.  But then it turned into stomach and chest pains.  I was pumping myself full of caffeine to make it through, with no regard for my health.  

I talked with Meghan about 7 times for an hour each time, every month.  Every month we focused on different aspects of my journey.  In the beginning it was about eliminating potentially triggering foods to see how they affected it me.  But as we moved on, our focus was about understanding what it takes to change my perspective, my habits, and my long term ability to make better decisions.  I lost 30 pounds in that 7 month period.  It was amazing, and I feel stronger and healthier than I have in years.  I focused on a balanced lifestyle; healthy eating, drinking water, getting enough sleep and exercising.  Not only did I gain more energy and feel stronger, but I was able to almost rid myself of acid reflux entirely that I had been suffering with for about 10 years before I met Meghan.  In as little as 7 months, I had almost reversed it and gotten back to where I was when I was younger.  It has been an amazing transformation physically and mentally!”

AL, 2018

RH, 2016

"Experiencing a reiki session with Meghan left me feeling as if I was vibrating with ease. All of my aches and pains lessened and a sense of equanimity was established in my mind that lasted the rest of my day. I am looking forward to doing another session with Meghan in the near future!”

GC, 2016

"Just thought I'd let you know that I have followed the meal plan for 1 week as of today and have lost 5.2 lbs!! I'm feeling much better, my stiffness is going away! Thank you, thank you as it's working! When I see you next month I'm even curious to see how much more weight I'll lose."

“I have had the pleasure and benefit of experiencing Meghan’s healing energy and unwavering support in both health coaching and reiki.  Last summer, I chose to partake in a very gradual month-long cleanse program coupled with deep personal reflection for what I hoped would eventually look something like personal growth. 

Meghan supported me through the entire process with more grace and patience than I could have ever asked for, and trust me, a lot of that was required when I discovered that even my most beloved raw cacao was temporarily off limits! 

I learned how closely my emotions and food are intertwined. When I eliminated my go to foods for self-soothing, a lot of unfamiliar energy came up for me. This is when I saw Meghan for a reiki session, which allowed me to move through some of the stuck energy I was encountering so that I could continue on with my process. It was such a deeply relaxing session.

Meghan is still my go-to source for nutrition and digestive health questions.  I really appreciate her expertise with food sensitivities too. She has a very sweet and gentle demeanor to let you know you it is safe to open up to her, and yet a persistent determination to guide you back to what is most important.”

CT, 2016

"Since going gluten free and dairy free, I have more energy, clear mind, and less mental exhaustion. Its all about planning ahead. I know that if I don't plan ahead then I will only sabotage myself. So far I'm down 9 pounds. I can't thank you enough for your help! Not only with the food, but you gave me a kick start to feel motivated that I can do this and it's easy." 

NB, 2016

"Thank you so much for taking the time to really talk with me today. Your knowledge and kindness have blessed me. My daughter and I really enjoyed meeting you and gleaning from your wisdom. She feels even more equipped to support me and to consider her own choices and changes. I have begun journaling my emotional feelings, physical feelings, what I have learned today and what I eat at each meal so that when we meet again in 4-5 weeks we will have a clear understanding of how I am experiencing positive changes. I am really looking forward to meeting with you again soon :)"

KL, 2015

TF, 2014


I want you to know how much the consultation with you has helped me. I feel much more confident about knowing what to eat and it is making a difference. I have had very few flare ups since we have talked. I love the banana muffin recipe and bone broth soup, have purchased the probiotic you recommended, and am juicing more. Thank you so much for your kindness and knowledge. We will talk again in the future!"

"Every month I hear about the *new* best way to eat. Friends and family are vegan, veggie, pescetarian, gluten-free, paleo, fast-food, don't care, and a whole host of other labels in between. It's often difficult to keep up with what my own needs seem to be while treading water in so much information. On top of that, how do I make choices that aren't supporting the mistreatment of animals or overloading my body with hormones and harmful chemicals?

During the years that I've sought Meghan's counsel and advice on nutritional matters, she has always espoused the idea that we are all unique, and so are each of our nutritional needs. There is no one plan fits all. That is why having the resource of a professional who is not only passionate about her field, but incredibly knowledgeable and insightful, is so invaluable. She knows way more about the latest research and evidence based nutritional science than you or I have the time or access to acquire, and a great deal of experience providing perspective and advice on how best to meet one's own goals.

It's surprising how many options there are to eat well, inexpensively, and without too much effort - progress towards a healthier self. Best wishes on achieving your goals, "True Nourishment" will help you get there."

TG, 2014

"I went to see Meghan O'Hara after annual blood work prescribed by my primary physician revealed high cholesterol and the beginning stage of diabetes. Having just retired from the state at age 64, I did not want to begin retirement taking different medications. My research confirmed that both diabetes and high cholesterol can be controlled with diet. I found that my motivation and Meghan's expertise were what I needed. Meghan was familiar with all the latest research and her ability and willingness to answer all my questions was both valuable and comforting. After a thorough evaluation she prescribed a diet I could follow.  I am proud to report that after three months of following her recommended diet, I have lost 20 pounds and follow up blood work revealed that my cholesterol went from 260 to 179 and my blood sugar level is now in the normal range! I feel great and I am excited to attribute much of my success to Meghan's support and recommendations. I wholeheartedly recommend her to be a caring professional whose advice can be both health giving and life saving."

PL, 2013

"Before coming to see Meghan I was stuck in a food rut, with very little variety in my diet.  I woke up one day and decided to get serious about proper nourishment, but I had no clue where to start.  I was definitely going to need help on this journey.  After my 90-minute one-on-one consultation I knew that I had come to the right place.  Meghan welcomed me with a smile and made me feel like my concerns were her concerns.  She listened, took a thorough history and really educated me.  At the end of the session she gave me a game plan.  That plan is now on my refrigerator and it is the reason that I finally feel healthy!  I have more energy, smoother skin, lower blood pressure, stronger fingernails, less bloating after meals, and a stubborn rash I’ve had on my foot for years is now gone!  I now have a growing passion for food and health.  Ask yourself this question (which is on truenourishment.org): “Do you know what it feels like to be truly nourished?”  I can finally say YES to that question.  Thank you for your help and continued support Meghan!"

MD, 2012

"Meghan O'Hara has become my go-to person for consulting and support in my endeavors to live a healthy life. She is focused on the dietary choices we make through a much larger, integrated lens, one that incorporates the soul and our deepest sense of happiness and well-being. You will be blessed to have Meghan on your team, and you will discover what "True Nourishment" really means." 

CB, 2012